Pro-Tec Home Inspections L.L.C.

  Professional home inspections done by certified and insured Inspectors!

Never buy or sell a home without the protection of a professional inspection.  It protects your family and your investment!

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI
Family owned family ran.

A professional home inspection serves many purposes. Generally, it is a visual inspection that informs you of the current condition of the property.  Keep in mind a minor plumbing, electrical, structural or even exterior issue could cost you thousands more than a quality home inspection.

A proper home inspection usually takes between 2-4 hours depending on the size and condition of the home and can save you from accident or liability issues, severe or chronic health risks, life or safety issues as well as unforeseen ancostly repairs after purchase of the home.

I am Mike Engle, founder of Pro-Tec Home Inspections L.L.C.  I am a certified and insured home inspector.  

Certification training was obtained through both: 

"Kaplan professional Schools Training Associates"  &

"International Association of Certified Home Inspectors" (InterNACHI)

I am not only a current member of InterNACHI, which requires on-going anadvanced training, but Pro-Tec also combines that training with advanced electronic equipment to ensure the best possible inspection and guarantee that piece of mind every homeowner should have

Thermal Imagers:  Allow us to see hidden dangers the naked eye cannot such as water leaks behind walls, ceilings or even under some floor materials. Over heating furnaces, breakers and other electrical components are just a few things we can check.

Electronic gas detector:  The smallest of gas leaks can be lethal so we don't take chances by relying on sense of smell alone.  Gas detectors (sniffers) can detect what your nose can't.

Electronic Moisture detector:  Checks moisture in drywall, concrete and wood for potential rot damage and mold risks. as well as hidden leaks or water intrusions.

Instant electronic inspections reports:  You don't have to wait days for the mail or need to decipher messy handwriting. Your report will be completed by your Home Inspector and in most cases waiting in your email prior to leaving the Inspection site.  The report is easy to follow, color coded and full of pictures from the actual inspection site. 

We help protect you against life threatening issues ranging from electrical concerns, gas and carbon monoxide leaks to structural deficiencies that can be present in homes.  Legal liability issues (trip hazards, loose  or missing hand railings for example) and general maintenance issues, and we cant stress this enough, that can easily cost you thousands of dollars if not discovered and repaired early on.

Pro-Tec strives to take our inspections ABOVE the standards and welcomes you to be present for the inspection. Before starting I will familiarize you with home inspection standards and practices. During the Inspection I will answer any questions you may have, point out and explain important findings and leave you with the confidence and knowledge you need.

Pro-Tec is a proud member of InterNACHI and we strictly follow the


Protect your Family, Protect your Investment and call Pro-Tec for your Home Inspection needs.